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1st Option - PhD

Explore European Doctoral Programs Online. Embark on a doctoral journey in collaboration with various esteemed universities across Europe. My fully online programs typically span 2-4 years, providing flexibility for your academic pursuits. Tuition fees vary based on university evaluation and your qualifications, starting from USD 10.000 and reaching up to USD 25.000 for candidates with a minimum of 300 ECTS points.

Program Highlights:

  • Fixed Costs: Enjoy stable fees throughout your program duration.

  • Accelerated Completion: Expedite your path to graduation.

  • Tailored for Working Professionals: Designed to accommodate busy schedules.

  • Fully Online Studies: Access lectures and resources conveniently.

  • No Scholarships Available.

Dissertation Subjects Include: Economics, Business Informatics, Business Psychology, Business Law, Health Management, Management, Industrial Engineering, Business Education, Business Ethics, and more.

Take advantage of my comprehensive support package, including advice, evaluation, mediation, and ongoing assistance until you receive your certificate, all for a one-time flat rate of USD 4.900.

Contact me via WhatsApp/Mobile at 0049-(0)178/1802802 for further inquiries.

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