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Consultation Services
and Pricing

Are you facing challenges or uncertainties in your academic journey? Here are some common questions or issues where I can provide coaching:

  • How can I identify the right doctoral program for my goals?

  • What research topic aligns best with my interests and aspirations?

  • Which type of program—online, part-time, state, regional, international, or paid—would suit me best?

  • As a working professional, how can I secure a doctoral supervisor or embark on dissertation writing?

  • I hold a bachelor's degree or diploma and aspire to pursue a doctorate—what are my options?

  • How do I pinpoint a suitable dissertation topic and supervisor?

  • How can I effectively balance my job and doctoral studies?

I'm here to address these and various other queries through personalized coaching sessions. Consultations are available via Skype, Cisco Webex, Teams, or Zoom.

Pricing (including VAT):

  • One-time consultation fee: USD 4.900

  • Your first telephone consultation is complimentary!

IMPORTANT: No title trading or ghostwriting services are offered.

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